Guido extension for guitar tablatures.

Since version 1.7.7, the Guido engine supports guitar tablatures.

Designing a tablature for guitar

Two extensions are provided to support a special staff for tablature :

  • the \clef tag supports a new 'TAB' type
  • the \staffFormat tag supports a 'TAB' type.

Tablatures are using special notes names that behave similarly to regular notes except that they don't support accidentals..

The leading s is a marker for tablature notes and stands for string.
It is followed by a string number where 1 corresponds to the upper string, followed by a frette number enclosed in colons (':').
String numbers must be in the interval 1 to 6.
Frette number is actually a string intended to display numbers but it supports any string.


    { s4:5:/8, s3:5: } s5:4: s2:4: s1:2:
    { s4:7:/8, s3:7: }  { s4:x:/4, s3:x: }

SVG file generated using the GuidoEngine version 1.7.6 T A B 5 5 4 4 2 7 7 x x