Comments and Spacing

White space, i.e, any combination of blank-, newline-, or tab-characters, can be inserted everywhere except within note or tag-names. The use of white space is discouraged in the following situations:

  • within note specifications
  • between tag-names and tag-argument-lists

White space is required in the following instances: - between notes - between tags - between notes and tags and vice versa


Comments can be inserted everywhere where white space is allowed. A comment started with % extends to the end of the line. Thus, lines beginning with '%' are comment-lines.

Alternately, (* comment *) can be used for specifying comments. This form of comments can include multiple lines and may be nested.


% a comment line
a0/4 h \slur(c1/8 h0) % a/4    <-- the last note is commented out

[ c1/4
(*                     comment starts here ...
d e f                  <-- part of the comment!
... ends here *)
d ]   % the sequence has only two notes!